The Team

Meet our team of editors! Together, they’re just as good as the 73-9 Warriors… except that they probably wouldn’t have lost that 3-1 lead.


Mickey Ingles, founder and editor-in-chief

Ignatius Michael “Mickey” Ingles is a student-athlete-turned-lawyer. He is an associate in the Law Firm of Ingles Laurel & Calderon. He currently teaches Emerging Issues in Sports Law, Artificial Intelligence, Robots, and the Law, and Constitutional Law in the Ateneo Law School, where he is a full-time professor. He also teaches Taxation Law in the Far Eastern University Institute of Law. He is the author of Laws for Sports and the Sporty, the Philippines’ first and only book on sports law, and Tax Made Less Taxing, a textbook on Philippine tax law. He has also written on various legal topics—the religious rights of robots being the weirdest and funnest, published by the Georgetown Law Journal in 2017.

He graduated salutatorian from the Ateneo Law School and was also given the St. Thomas More Award for Most Distinguished Graduate. He ranked first in the 2012 Philippine Bar Exams. He obtained his LL.M. from the Georgetown University Law Center (Hoya Saxa!) in 2016. He is a licensed attorney in the Philippines and the State of New York.

Mickey showing off his three fingers and an oversized shirt

He was the starting right winger of the Ateneo Men’s Football team that won a record three straight University Athletics Association of the Philippines (UAAP) championships from 2004 – 2006. He was the team captain from 2005 – 2006 and was named 2006 UAAP Athlete-Scholar of the Year. He also played a number of seasons in the United Football League for the Loyola Football Club (the now defunct Loyola-Meralco Sparks).

Aside from his obvious love for futbol (FC Barcelona for life) and football (Go, Pats!), he is also an avid basketball fan. He does not think Vince Carter will ever retire. And he does not think Tom Brady deflated footballs, either. Tom Brady is, in fact, the GOAT.

You can follow his ramblings at @MickeyInglesLaw and connect with him on LinkedIn.

Pancho Galman, editor

Franklin “Pancho” Galman is an up-and-coming intellectual property and technology lawyer in the Philippines. Pancho was the IP counsel of one of the top fast-food chains in the world. Which one? The buzz is it’s the one with a jovial bee. He obtained his master’s degree on intellectual property and technology law at the National University of Singapore.

Pancho contemplating the pros and cons of using a bamboo-woven recliner instead of a steel chair in a wrestling match.

Pancho loves basketball, futbol, and pro wrestling. During a formal tv interview, he once cut a wrestling-like promo that would make Vince McMahon proud; the topic was intellectual property law.

Unfortunately, this was never shown on air.


JD Garcia, editor

His name is Jan David “JD” Garcia and he is a certified lawyer and a bonafide sports junkie. And you can’t teach that! JD is a frustrated basketball player, futbol player, and professional wrestler (as you may have guessed from the intro). After graduating with honors from Ateneo Law School in 2012, he worked for one the best and biggest corporate law firms in the country. He is now the Corporate Financial Lawyer of the MVP of tollroads in the country, which coincidentally is also the parent company of a phenomenal PBA team.

JD Photo
JD in front of a store, disappointed that it didn’t sell Crispy Pata.

During his college days in Ateneo, he spent most of his time in the covered courts honing his skills on the basketball court – skills that he has now (almost) completely lost. He was part of the Ateneo Law School varsity basketball team (not much of an accomplishment to be honest, no one was cut during tryouts) and helped the team win a championship in 2011.   JD’s favorite sports teams include the Lakers (Kobe!!!), the San Miguel Beermen, and Chelsea FC (KTBFFH!). He is of the opinion that professional darts is a very underrated sport.    

Trinca Diploma, associate editor

Katrina Bianca Louise “Trinca” S. Diploma is a fresh grad from Ateneo Law School. During her college days, she spent most of her time training and competing with the Company of Ateneo Dancers. She was part of the Ateneo team who competed in the first ever UAAP Streetdance Competition back in 2011, where they placed 3rd. She also won championships in various competitions like Dancelebration in 2011 and Xtreme Dance Showdown in 2014.

Trinca Batas Sportiva
That’s Trinca on the left, daydreaming of Korean food and milk tea instead of drawing up basketball plays.

Trinca was also a student manager of the Ateneo Blue Eagles. As student manager, she did the stats of the players during their trainings and games, assisted the coaches in preparing the team against their opponent, and took part in all sorts of team rituals/superstitions (Yup, we have that!) She has two championship rings from the 5-peat glory years of the Eagles.

In law school, she played volleyball for Ateneo during Conflicts of Law.

Trinca was Mickey’s research assistant for Laws for Sports and the Sporty. She currently works in a law firm in Ortigas.

Jillian Gandingco, associate editor

Jillian Gandingco is an underbar from the Ateneo Law School. She is currently on her
“journey to attorney”—her romanticized ode to the in-between of law school, the Bar,
and the result. But really it just means running errands, doing pilates, enjoying the best
coffee, and using her extra 30 hours a week of free time learning to cook a new recipe.
“Il dolce far niente,” she says. 

She played volleyball and futsal in her high school, college, and law school days, but
ultimately decided she was better off serving in the Student Council and making super
fun and awesome travel itineraries (then going on them, of course).
Her favorite sports icons are the Lakers (KOBE forever), the F1 Scuderia Ferrari Team
(let’s go Seb and Charles!! #KeepFightingMichael), the Ateneo Blue Eagles, the
Yankees, Serena Williams, and all the underdogs. But if you leave her to watch ANY
sporting event, she’ll have an in-depth analysis of the game and how it relates to real
life in a jiff!

Screen Shot 2020-01-30 at 7.25.19 PM
Jill enjoying every sip of her coffee and people-watching (without codals, reviewers, and law books!)

She also wrote “A Love Story by Kobe” which… she hasn’t shared in public, but she should coz it’s got the feels.

Jill helps Mickey teach Sports Law in the Ateneo Law as his teaching assistant. She previously interned in ILC Law, where she learned to watch the NFL and root for the NE Patriots.