About Batas Sportiva

Batas Sportiva (“batas” as the Filipino word for “law” and “sportiva” as the term of choice for “sports”) is a blog that aims to put the Philippine sports law perspective into the forefront. It offers educational posts and general opinions on Philippine sports law issues. To borrow a Jesuit phrase, the blog seeks to see the law in all things sports.

Hold up. Waitaminute. Teka lang please. What? Sports law? Is there such a thing? Well, sports law as a specific body of law (like political law or taxation law) is debatable. Some people say it is, some people say it isn’t. But to settle things (at least for this blog), sports law is the application of the law in the context of sports. How the law applies to Philippine sports is what Batas Sportiva is all about.

Definitional issues aside, one thing’s for sure: if you want your timely dose (sorry, can’t commit to daily blog posts because that’s just… impossible with our schedules) of Philippine sports and the law, this is the place to get your fix. It’s the first Philippine law blog dedicated to sports law (I just had to put that out there since stats are huge now in the era of sports and data analytics).

Batas Sportiva is run by sports afficionados who just so happened to be lawyers.

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