Our Friends

Want to know more about Philippine sports? Check these blogs out:

  • Bleacher’s Brew – one of the longest-running sports blogs on Philippine sports. Exclusively maintained by Rick Olivares. The blog if you’re a fan of the Ateneo Blue Eagles. (I’m biased towards Rick because he wrote a number of good articles about my team waaaay back. Here’s one from the vault! – Mickey)
  • Hoop Nut – you probably know Filipinos are absolutely nuts about basketball, right? Enzo Flojo’s blog is all about Pinoy basketball! I mean, check it out, it’s got stuff on the PBA, FIBA, UAAP… he probably has a post there on my barangay liga that I haven’t seen! It’s one of the most comprehensive basketball blogs. Let’s all get nutty together!

And here’s a list of the who’s who of sports blogs:

  • The White Bronco – my personal favourite for three reasons. It’s managing editor is Dan Werly, a fellow Hoya. It has a list of available sports law jobs. AND it has a pretty cool widget that counts the number of athletes arrested in the current year.

Oops, that’s a short list! But don’t worry, we’re building up the list to include our friends from both the Philippines and abroad.